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Why Magicdust Is Leading Website Design in Brisbane

The demand for website design in Brisbane is steadily rising and so does the increase of website designers looking to provide their services to businesses. Businesses have to choose, with difficulty, from a number of website design companies that can do the job. Magicdust has been around since 2006, and it has always been a leader in creating website designs that are beautiful and optimised for search engines.

Magicdust helps big and small Australian businesses and non-profit organizations with over 4,000 outstanding web designs already produced. Our web development team, composed of creative and talented individuals, is set to help Brisbane business owners improve their online branding and increase the sales of their products and services.

Website Strategy First, Design Second

A good strategy goes with a good website design. The web development team at Magicdust creates strategies by understanding what Brisbane business clients want and analyzing the strengths and flaws of the competing websites.

The website development will only begin after completing the above mentioned steps. Magicdust has a corresponding solution for online businesses marketing their products, service businesses aiming to generate leads, a non-profit organization reaching out to a bigger audience, and more industries.

Building Strong Online Brands

Magicdust websites empower clients to be the leading brand in their respective markets. Our web development team makes sure that the logo stands out, creates a great layout, and chooses the color scheme, images, and font styles that match the personality of the brand.

The hallmark of a website designed by Magicdust is its modern design. Visitors can navigate seamlessly throughout the website and have no problem finding the contents.

Quality Websites Build on Robust Platforms

Magicdust builds websites on WordPress, the standard platform for content management. All of the websites designed by Magicdust are custom-coded and built by the web development team from the ground up. Security measures are also put in place to protect against hacking.

Magicdust builds websites that are conveniently viewable in mobile devices, optimized for search engines, and scalable for future expansion.

Simple Content Management

Managing content can easily be done by clients, as Magicdust builds websites on WordPress that are able to upload text, images, and videos with ease.

The steps include logging in to the website then filling in the relevant contact information which can be done within minutes.

World Class Website Support Services

The web development team and web designers at Magicdust assure every client has access to constant support services. Brisbane clients are given only the highest standard of attention for their website’s needs such as updates, security precautions, and other website maintenance-related tasks.

Our Brisbane web design and development team works to help clients get a return on their investment through ensure websites can be easily revised or upgraded. Website support for technical issues is also frequently offered to ensure that the website is up and running.

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