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Web Design Mistakes That Can Be Hurting Your Sales

Since the inception of the Internet, web design has developed into a huge industry. There are thousands of articles, blogs and endless content out there in cyberspace telling you how to optimise your site to be perfect at capturing the attention of your target audiences, but if you are making any of these critical mistakes, all of your hard work may have been for nothing. Here are some Web Design mistakes that could be hurting your sales.


Your website has to look amazing across every platform. You can’t just test it on one browser and hope for the best. All good websites need to be screened for responsiveness!

You need to make a considerable effort to check how your design looks on both Mac and PC as well as on mobile and across different browsers. Don’t assume everyone uses a Mac or an iPhone. Remember that over 50% of all people on the internet are on mobile devices so having a responsive web design is an essential to your website.


Believe it or not, you don’t know everyone’s motives for visiting your site. So don’t disallow certain visitors or traffic based on their location. Unless you have strict guidelines you have to follow legally, then leave the options for people to choose to visit your site or not. You never know why they want to view your website, maybe they plan to travel or are using a VPN. Their traffic may be valuable to you. Don’t exclude unless you have to.


The last thing you want to do is bombard your visitor with incessant messages begging them to join a newsletter, enter their email or something equally as annoying. Any email or information you can gather from your users is valuable, of course, but it should be collected in less irritating fashion. They should WANT to sign up for emails from you or at least feel like they are getting something out of it. Don’t forget that a willing participant is a lot more valuable as a marketer than someone who feels obligated. They will just unsubscribe anyway!


You know when you’re in public and don’t realise your device is on full volume and you open a website and it autoplays music or a video, subsequently embarrassing you and making you low-key hate the brand? Well. That’s a mistake that you shouldn’t be making.

This is especially true for mobile users who are likely to feel like they are wasting precious data on your video that they didn’t even view by choice. Oops. This is a simple web design mistake that can easily be avoided.


Just because you have a fibre optic connection, doesn’t mean your visitors all do, too. Consider that when you add 40 more plugins and widgets. Absolutely every on your website should have a reason for being there. If not, you’re not considering your ultimate goal. And unless your goal is to have a slow, non-user friendly website, then you need to follow these tips!

It’s really simple to have a good website, when you consider that most of this is common sense. Put yourself in the shoes of your users and don’t get carried away by all of the extra things that seem like a good idea at the time.

Think about your goal- more customers.

Embody this goal in every little thing that you do, and you will have a great website.