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Web Design Brisbane – Our Projects

As web designers for Brisbane based companies, we’ve created many website designs for our clients across an array of QLD businesses. Here are some examples of our most loved website clients in Brisbane:

1.  Brisbane Celebrants

Brisbane Celebrants is a directory of marriage celebrants in Brisbane, as well as a blog. Their website is designed to gain them valuable leads from potential clients, as well as leads for more businesses who would like to advertise with them on Brisbane Celebrants. For this web design project, the imagery had to be aesthetically pleasing and designed with plenty of feminine elements. The focus is on the logo in the header image. The footer appears on every page, with links to the most important terms to the business in order to help the user experience and gain the business further interest through search terms.

2. Plumb Constructions

Plumb Constructions is a construction company that helps their clients embark on a new home, whether it be built from scratch, an upgrade or a major renovation. They pride themselves as being a specialist construction company, with a focus on both residential and commercial properties in Brisbane.

This fully responsive design features a prominent phone number, so that mobile users can quickly call to enquire. The website design also includes the brands bold red and blue colours, with certain areas highlighting in red from blue when hovered over with a mouse.

This fully immersive experience helps the user to complete Plumb Constructions conversion goals.

3. DNV Transport

DNV Transport is a family owned transport business that was formed in Brisbane in 2011. The company specialises in containerised movements. In the web design, this unique selling point is incredibly prominent on the upper right hand side: “Specialising in containerised movements in and around South East Queensland”.

For this particular website design, it was important to list the contact information and the location in the footer, as well as a phone number in the header.

The prominent menu ensures that the user can see all all of the information necessary to make a booking with DNV Transport in just a few clicks.

4. Gaia Hair

Gaia Hair is a hair salon in Sherwood, Brisbane, that has been operating since 2007! They use luxury hair care products and also stock an organic hair range and recycle wherever possible.

It was important in this case to focus on two key objectives, to get users to view the product range, and to make a booking. Both create revenue for the brand and generally, one does not occur without the other.

For this particular business, it’s important to make the portfolio the focus. The website design features rotating hero images to entice the user to see the amazing work featured by the brand.

5. Australian Women in Agriculture

Australian Women in Agriculture is a non-profit group that ensures that women are influencing the agriculture agenda in Australia. The group was formed in 1994 and maintains an active membership. Their focus is creating an inclusive agricultural industry

In this web development project, it was important to the group to add social sharing buttons to the design, as referrals increase their membership.

The design featured a large Call To Action button encouraging users to become a member and join their movement to help make a difference in the agricultural industry in Australia.

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