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Trends in Web Design – The One Pager

As technology is in a constant state of evolution, so are website design trends. But, do you have to continuously keep updating your site every time a new trend pops up? Of course not. But you should at least be on top of these trends and be adopting the ones that can benefit your business goals.

In this post we’re specifically discussing the trend of one page websites and their impact on SEO.  At the moment, one page websites are on trend.

The beauty of a one page website is that a user can find all they need without having to click around a menu.

Of course, for the greatest user experience, they should still have a navigation menu which will take them further down the page to the part if the website that they are looking for.

A one page website removes all extraneous information and focuses on the important information and giving the user whatever they may need to convert.

So, what are the advantages of a one page website?

  1. It’s simple for users to get the information they need, and you don’t need to create a number of unique pages to direct your users to, just the one.
  2. Easier to manage as there is less content.
  3. More focus on the quality of the design rather than providing a lot of content.

Okay, so what are the disadvantages?

  1. As you can imagine, a one page website will have a longer load time, due to having to load up much more information on just one page rather than smaller amounts on separate pages.
  2. The slower load time can lead to a lower conversion rate, which of course is very important to all website owners.
  3. It’s a complex process to add more information and can affect the whole design, while with a multi-page website you can just add in an extra page if you wanted to.

How does having a one page website impact SEO?

While one page websites are extremely popular, the trend does negatively impact SEO. Of course the page load time increases exit rates, and the more pages you have indexed on search engines, the better. With just one page Google sees less value in your website. There is also the lack of internal linking to think about. If your website is just one page, you can’t link between your content.

And lastly, of course you can’t focus many different keywords on an uncluttered one page website. If your website is several pages, then each one can rank well for your keywords, but if it’s just one page then it is unlikely to rank for more than a couple of your keywords.

Our verdict: Yeah, one page websites look good, but if you want to rank well then stick with a traditional website.