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Top Tricks to Make Your Logo Design Slick

A logo is so much more than just the sum of its parts and therefore it is definitely not as simple as many would like to believe. After all, your business logo design will form such an integral part of the identity of your brand that it should not be entrusted to just anyone.

To ensure that logo designers can deliver a custom logo design that will take a brand to greater heights, they must think critically about what it is that the brief requires, start to plan the process methodically and be sure to implement the following five tricks.

Find inspiration

Great ideas flow from things that get you all excited. So, even before you start the logo design process, get inspired by browsing design websites or simply paying closer attention to everyday objects in your immediate surroundings.

Investigate your target market

The primary goal of creating a custom logo design is to help a brand to grow. It is more than just designing an icon that is pretty. There should be collaboration between the logo designer and the client so that everyone is on the same page with regards to what the brand embodies. Who are they? Do they already have a business logo design that merely needs some tender loving care? How do they go about their business?

Go back to the drawing board (literally)

Yes, logo designers might have it easy in the sense that there are several programmes available online that they can use to draw their logos, though nothing beats the good old notepad and pencil. By opting for a pencil and paper, logo designers are less restraint and will find it easier to add detail to their logo designs.

Follow it to the letter

Make no mistake, the font which you use will play a huge role in your logo designs. You can either opt for a preset font or create your very own font. All that matters is that it should be easy to read and without too many frills. Oh, and even though it might be tempting, only stick to two different fonts max. By opting for more than two fonts, you stand the risk of your custom logo design becoming less distinct and cluttered.

Narrate a story

Many logo designers fall right into the trap of thinking that logo design is simply about creating a type of icon – nothing more and nothing less. However, great logo design is so much more than just fonts, colour and lines… A logo designer should find a way to let the design narrate two stories. The one story should be clear to everyone, while the second story should be concealed.

Being confident about your logo designs is one thing, but every logo designer can grow. You are only as good as your last custom logo design! So, be sure to follow these five tricks which will help you to grow as a logo designer.

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