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Our Sydney Web Design Projects

As Sydney web design experts, we have created many amazing website designs for our clients. Here are some examples of our most loved clients so far.

1. HAG Productions

HAG Productions is a unique business in that it offers a whole range of services from two unified parties in Sydney across three main areas: Art, Film and Music. Business owners Barrie Gott and Jay Harley boast a wide range of credentials and experience each, and solidifying that with the user was imperative in this web design project.

On this project, we kept the contact form as simple as possible, with less fields to increase conversions. We used bold black and white colouring and simple typefaces to align with the professional and experienced business.

2. T&M Sawyer Building

T&M Sawyer Building is a small family business, with two brothers, Tom and Mark Sawyer directing the company. The company has been building on Sydney’s North Shore since 1984, and it was important to include that tagline as part of their web design. Their web design features a prominent enquiry button for users who would prefer to send a contact form, or the phone numbers of both brothers should they prefer to call. Having two options ensures that they have the best chance of their website users contacting them.

With this web design, we ensured that a stunning hero image took the centre of attention. As people process visuals faster than text, we could ensure that this image left a positive first impression.

3. Precision Planning

Precision Planning is a Sydney based (Balmain) building company which was established in 2014. Due to this company being on the newer side, it was important to establish trust when designing this website development project. In order to establish trust and credibility, we used testimonials from previous clients to ensure that users were aware of the amazing results that Precision Planning can produce for them.

On the home page, we created a scrolling header image with a whole range of work from Precision Planning’s immaculate portfolio. We used simple words that encompass the company’s ideals like: “distinctive” and “collaborative” so that the user could get a feel for the brand as a whole.

4. Sydney Children’s Practice

Sydney’s Children’s Practice is a clinical psychology practice for children, adolescents and families. The clinic aims to tailor their treatments to each individual patient to achieve the best outcomes for all involved.

In this fully responsive website design, it was important to focus on the branding of this business and feature imagery of happy children and families, which of course is the outcomes of successful psychology treatments for their patients.

We kept a simple colour scheme, focusing on the soft blue signature hue of the clinic and the rainbow logo to keep brand consistency throughout. We put simple key selling points on the homepage to encourage users to get in touch.

5. Buildcomm

Buildcomm is a building company in Sydney that deals with a range of small and large commercial building projects as well as fitouts, construction and refurbishments.

For the Buildcomm web design project, we ensured to include social media links to both Facebook and LinkedIn, as their are their two most important social networks for their specific businesses. We included a rotating header image to showcase some of their stunning building projects.

For this particular client, it was important to include their builders licence number, as well as other organisations they’re associated with to increase their credibility.

We used their signature bright green to highlight important aspects of the website, like the enquiry button.

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