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Our Perth Web Development Projects

As one of the leading Perth website design providers, we have designed websites for all sorts of businesses. Here are some examples of some of our most-loved projects so far and what made them so special to us:

Time Builders

Time builders are building company renowned for their award winning work building luxury homes. Their work is so exclusive as they only take on a few projects per year in order to give their clients the best service possible. Their director manages each project personally to ensure the best result from start to finish.

Time builders have received several awards for their custom built homes, and have built a reputation for themselves as one of the best boutique building companies in Perth. For this luxurious company, it was important for their web design project to reflect their brand, ensuring that the website looked polished and professional.


Improvision are architectural upholsterers. Based in Perth, they’re able to deliver their custom designed and built work all over Australia. They make ottomans, upholstered wall panels, banquette seating, booth seating and more for businesses across every type of industry.

They started their company in the 60s, in the furniture restoration business, and then started upholstery in the 80s, including furniture and even car trimming. By 2007, the business focused on custom build seating and panelling.

In this website development project, the focus was on getting users to contact the business. The call to action “contact us” button and the phone number were both highlighted in a turquoise.

Dementia Care International

Dementia Care International was founded on the concept of ‘Spark of Life Philosophy’. They aim for a world where dementia sufferers can lead successful lives where improvement is possible. Their ethos is based on hope and optimism for sufferers of dementia.

The Spark of Life philosophy is about enriching lives, educating people and teaching them a vision and purpose. Dementia Care International was previously known as Dementia Care Australia, but has had such success with their program that they decided to take it across the globe.

For this website development, it was imperative to keep the homepage a portal for current members to login, as well as including a call to action to learn more about being a member above the fold to encourage registrations.

The Disabled Surfers Association

The Disabled Surfers Association (or DSAA) is surfing’s only registered charity for the disabled and is run by a group of dedicated volunteers in Perth. While the group was originally set up for surfers who had sustained an injury, it quickly grew to include all surfers with disabilities. At current, the group have 16 branches across both Australia and New Zealand and have ambitions to go international.

For the design of this website, it was important to include links to all of the different areas where the branches are located for ease of use. A menu runs down the left side of the page for this purpose.

SWP Australia

SWP Australia is a business based in Western Australia that manufacture concrete column formwork and liners, specifically, concrete column formwork. It’s all proudly produced in Perth. The business was established in 2014, in Welshpool and has been successfully serving the Western Australian formwork and liner market  ever since. They strive to deliver the best product and reliability at a competitive price.

This web development design features a sidebar menu on the left, which adjusts to the middle when optimised for mobile. The entire site’s colour scheme is in the brands signature orange, black and white colours.

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