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Our Perth Web Design Projects

As Perth web design experts, we’ve created various webs designs for our clients across a whole range of businesses. Here are some examples of our most loved projects for Perth businesses.

Cruisin Automotive

Cruisin Automotive – Custom Cars and Hot Rod Specialist is owned by Ian Hearne. Ian has been involved with hot rods in Perth since he was 18! This passion is what drove him to start his own automotive business. Cruisin Automotive brings quality products for competitive prices, operating with low overheads and profit margins.

This web design focuses on the retro aspect of this automotive business, using typography, colours and branding elements to pull together the ultimate 1950’s look. The ecommerce site offers Paypal payments and runs on a WordPress CMS to make it simple for Cruisin Automotive to update their content as needed.

Melville Wellness

Melville Wellness centre is a medical centre for illness prevention in Perth. They are based in Melville, and have an array of professionals ready to help you to improve your health to avoid pain and illness. They have chiropractors, podiatrists and massage therapists ready to assist you and help you rediscover your health. The centre treats people of all ages from infants through to senior citizens. All patients can expect a tailored program specifically suited to their needs.

This website design features a right hand sidebar containing content like special offers and simple access to contact details for the centre.

BH Fine Foods

BH fine foods is a food importation and distribution business, based in various locations in Australia including Melbourne, Victoria and Perth, Western Australia. BH’s ethos is to bring Australians the best products from all over the globe and distribute them to Australian and New Zealand businesses like supermarkets and other retailers. They specialise in beverages but also supply a variety of other products like super foods, tea and more.

For this web development, there was a focus on keeping the look clean, professional and easy to use. The ultimate goal for the brand is to get suppliers to contact BH fine foods to discuss distribution, so that is the first visible call to action on the website.

Charle Yoga

Charle Yoga is a yoga studio with the aim to make yoga accessible to all, no matter what abilities, injuries or special needs. They specialise in their field and help people to find peace in doing yoga, a gentle exercise for both the mind and the body. They offer group classes in Perth, as well as individual classes to suit each person’s unique needs. The beauty of this studio is that each teacher has other teachable skills that they can incorporate into their yoga sessions, like meditation, tai chi, pilates, yoga therapy and breath work, so there is something to suit everyone.

The web design features two large clickable buttons which point to bookings and the class timetable, as the data revealed that these were the who main reasons users visited the Charle Yoga site.

5th Element Fitness

5th Element Fitness may seem like a gym, but that’s not what they call themselves. They refer to their business as a ‘functional fitness playground’! Which encompasses their idea that fitness actually can be fun. This fitness playground provides motivational and effective training in Perth, personalised to each individual. They provide everything from boxing to pilates to lifting weights, with their ultimate goal to “find the 5th element in you’. 5th element fitness don’t have TV’s or headphones, they want you to focus on the exercise. So they provide the perfect environment for you to better yourself.

Their website design features their motto ‘personalised, motivational, effective’.

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