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Melbourne Website Design

Our process for creating a website you are happy with

The Magicdust Melbourne web development team follows a 7 step process which results in creating beautiful websites that are robust, functional and optimised to show up in the search engines.


The first step in the website design process is to understand your business and your expectations so we have a clear picture of the scope of the project.

The discovery phase is important in determining the successful outcome of your project.

Throughout this process, Magicdust’s website development team for Melbourne will work with you to:

  • Clarify all the functional requirements of your website.
  • Plan a great user experience for your website which aligns with your business and website objectives.
  • Scope the cost to design, develop and deploy your solution.
  • At the conclusion of this phase, both you and our Melbourne website designers will have a clear picture of the scope of work which includes all production costs, ongoing hosting and support fees.


Once the project has been clearly scoped and the initial deposit received, you will be emailed a link to our digital onboarding form.

This simple online document takes 5-10 mins to complete and requires you to provide the web development team with details about your business, domain name, design preferences, branding, website images, and files to be uploaded.

Once you submit your onboarding documents our Magicdust web development team will process these as follows:

  • Itemise and request the content and access information we need from you, so you can work on getting these together while we start your website design.
  • Ask you clarifying questions about your domain name, if you have selected to transfer this over to us.
  • Assign your project to our work flow and confirm that everything is on track. Your initial design concepts will be delivered to you within 10-14 days.
  • Our Content Coordinator will contact you throughout the design phase and advise you about the content and access requirements we need from you, and if there are any outstanding.
  • We will send you access to the Magicdust Content Workbook to guide you step by step on how to create the best content for your website.


In this phase our Melbourne web designers will begin the process of designing the website.

Your allocated website design specialist will email the initial design concepts for your website, and then work with you directly until you have signed off on the design. The time this design phase takes can vary between clients based on the amount of design amendments required. The average time to sign off your design is approximately 2 weeks.

Once your designs are signed off, your project moves into the development phase.


Magicdust’s website development team will take the designs off the drawing board and begin putting the pieces together until the website is ready to go “live” and begin receiving visitors.

There are three stages in this step.

Pre-Development Checklist

We will confirm the design and scope of work is as per your project scope and make sure everything is ready for development
All your content and access requirements should have been received by this stage for your job to progress without delay into website development

Website Development

Providing all your content and access requirements have been submitted you can expect your website to be built within 14-21 days, based on our current production pipeline.

Testing Process

When your website has been completed by our development team, our production manager will perform the final testing of your new website, to ensure that all functionality and design elements align with the scope of work outlined in your proposal.

You will be provided with a final checklist to go through while you test the website and complete a user testing sign off. We will work with you to ensure all elements of the website are complete.


By this stage, all checks to ensure the website is fully functional will have been completed in preparation for the website to be launched on the internet.

Once your website has been given the ‘OK’ and final checks have been satisfactorily completed, we will send you a formal handover email, containing your website login details. You will receive further information on how to book your 1 hour WordPress introduction session with our support team. Our accounts team will also be in touch with you to organise settlement of the final balance for your account.  Once the payment has been received, your website will be ready go “live” and you will take control over it.


All that is now left is to flick the switch, so your website can be found on Google and other search engines.

Your website is ready to move from the staging domain to its main domain.
Depending on your current website and email account set up, going live can take anywhere from 24-72 hours. It is good to keep this in mind if you are working towards a specific launch date.

If you have purchased an SEO Safeguard or Product Migration with your project, these can take additional time to complete before your website can  ‘Go Live’ depending on the size of your website and how many products you currently have.

If you require emails to be created for your domain, they will be created at this stage


At Magicdust we pride ourselves on our exemplary service standards and will do everything we can to help you get the most value from your asset.

Your website is now “live” however, several questions may arise from your staff members, especially during the first few days. Our web development team in Melbourne is always available to guide you and teach you how to best utilise your new website.

Our 7 Step Process removes any ambiguity about what clients can expect when their website goes “live” and is one of the reasons which has helped position us among the most reliable web development companies in Melbourne.