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How to Know When to Redesign Your Logo

Your logo is one of the most valuable assets your business, and in addition to your brand name, it’s one of the most important parts of brand discovery and awareness.

It’s critical that your logo portrays your band in the right manner. But the harsh truth is, logos date. Nothing is relevant forever. You may need to redesign your logo! Here are some times when you need to take a look at your logo and face some hard truths.

The logo is outdated

Are the signs of aging beginning to show on your logo? Is the logo looking like it was designed 10 years ago? WAS it designed 10 years ago? It’s likely to include some design elements that are well and truly on their way out.

The logo is too much

If there is too much going on, then the logo won’t always translate well in every type of media. What looks good on a letterhead may not work as well in digital forms.

Your company has evolved

When you first created your company, maybe your logo encompassed everything that your business stood for. But now, maybe your ideals and morals have evolved beyond your original logos, so it’s time for a revamp.

You are more profitable

So, when you first established your brand, it was a struggle for a few years to keep things in the green. But now that you have more profit margins to play with, you can afford to prioritize money into a new logo.

What to consider before a logo update

Before you go ahead and change your logo, you will need to consider how recognisable your brand logo is, and ensure that changing it is more like an update than a complete overhaul. It might be wise to pay homage to the past in the case that your logo is instantly recognisable. In that case, it may be wise to take a leaf from Google’s book, who is constantly updating their logo, but retaining their user recognition.

Work with your logo designer to cover these key elements of brand identity.