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Keep your web development secure and inviting

In any web development project, security should be the top priority. SSL enabled websites attract more customers, and it is a critical factor in a website’s success. A HubSpot study revealed 82 percent of their respondents will not browse unsecured sites. Commitment to providing a platform where customers feel secure is a better gauge of success than choosing the right font or colour scheme.

What is an SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. You need an SSL Certificate to enable this technology in your domain configuration. SSL is a certificate granted by an independent body after authenticating the website’s domain.This is the standard technology for securing a website and establishing trust between the website and the visitor.

Looking at the domain will immediately tell you whether a website is SSL enabled to not. If the URL starts with HTTPS, that website is SSLenabled. If it’s only an HTTP site, you are browsing an unsecured website. In a new announcement, Google revealed their browser, Chrome, will notify visitors every time they access a site which is not SSL enabled.

Plan and Prioritise Your Website Security

With all these things to consider, the web development team should give more priority to securing the website. Making your website SSL enabled, and making it more secure should be part of the web design team’s project plan, whether an agency or if in-house department will take over this task. If you have plans to revamp your web design, be sure to look into your current security settings and look for ways to improve the security.

Extra Encryption

While an SSL certificate guarantees your website’s authenticity, it’s not enough to make your website secure. Sensitive information such as credit card details will require another layer of security. Data encryption is crucial in this case. Yahoo and Uber are just two examples of companies facing issues with data leaks.  

As more people use online channels to perform transactions, cybersecurity needs to be tighter. SSL is just a first step towards achieving the desired level of security.

Commit to Keeping Secure

Understanding cybersecurity and SSL is complex but there are tons of resources online to help you out. To make your customers and website visitors realise your commitment to protecting their identities and information, make SSL certification your next web development project.