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How Web Designers Can Boost Conversion Rates

Low conversion rates can be extremely frustrating. Though, web designers can take some comfort from the fact that low conversion rates are problematic for most. That being said, you will need to address the situation as soon as possible as a low conversion rate is not good for business at all.

However, before you can boost conversion rates, you will first need to identify the source of the problem. Here are six warning signs that no web designer should ever ignore.

Unclear call-to-action prompts

The headline of the web page design should match the call to action. Website designers should at all times make sure that the call to action actually repeats the headline.

Boring copy

When visitors read the text, they should feel excited and the need to act immediately. One sure way to achieve this is to draw on the feelings that your visitors should feel.

No imagery or videos

If you want visitors to engage more with your website design, it is actually quite simple – just add high-quality photos and videos. In fact, by simply including coloured visuals in your web page design, visitors are significantly more likely to interact with the content.

A confusing landing page

Visitors will not know how to take you up on your offer when your landing page has too many links, pop-up windows and call-to-action buttons. These website design elements will merely serve as an unnecessary distraction. Luckily it is easy to remedy! Just include a simple image, your heading, one call to action and a few testimonials. Anything else is unnecessary and should not have made it to your landing page.

Complicated forms

Everyone wishes that they had more time. So, why ask your potential customers to complete a long form? In fact, you only need an email address. So, when you are creating a form, try to limit it to two clear form fields max. If the field is not necessary, do not include it in your website design.

No contact info

Your potential customers will most likely have one or two questions about your company, products or services. Though, they are definitely not going to go to great lengths just to find your contact information. So, be sure to add your contact details to every single page. Better yet, why not opt for live chat?

At the end of the day, you can implement the best web design practices, if your visitors do not trust your website, you will battle with a low conversion rate. Trust is fragile thing. If there is something that makes users distrustful of your website, they will for sure not share their contact details, let alone their credit card number!

So, ensure that your website design is professional and your content error-free. Include as many trust badges as you can and be sure to add a testimonial or two. Simply by doing these two easy things your visitors will feel a lot more secure when they browse your website.

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