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How Logo Designers Should Approach The First Meeting With A Client

The work of a logo designers calls for more than merely technical expertise and creativity. A logo designer must also boast marketing and project management skills. This might be a hard task, but it always promises to deliver loads of excitement and challenges to keep you on your toes.

Many times when clients look for help with a web design project, they also need help with creating a logo. As clients do not like to enlist the services of many designers to work on a project, they actually often expect that web designers should help with custom logo design too. However, the process of designing a logo has unique characteristics. Here are tricks and tips that logo designers adopt to ensure that the logo design process gets off to a flying start.

Explain Your Workflow to the Client or Agency

Your design process that you have tweaked over the years empowers you to deliver great results. Therefore, it is important to take a moment to explain this process that you follow to your client. At your first meeting with your client, explain how many logo options you will share with them during the first presentation and how many corrections you will be able to make. This is also the ideal time to chat about how payment and delivery milestones will work moving forward. The secret is to keep everything as transparent as possible.

Share a Creative Brief With Your Client

During the first meeting it is also important that a logo designer is not afraid to ask questions. Even questions that appear to have nothing to do with the actual topic play a crucial role in the design process. So, explain to the client that all the information that you aim to gather by asking loads of questions will assist you to create an identity that will help to showcase their business better.

Not all these questions will be easy to answer straight away. So, instruct your client to email these answers at a later stage. Though, be sure to emphasise to your client that as designer you will not be able to start designing their logo before you have received all these answers. For example, you can create a short template that you can ask your client to complete after your first meeting.

If you want to take it one step further and help your client to participate more during this process, you can even conduct a “short workshop” that explains the different brand personalities and the primary emotions that a target audience should experience whenever they are interacting with the product or service.

At the end of the day logo designers should never forget that you are tasked with the responsibility to help businesses to realise their goals. Therefore, you should at all times use custom logo design that will match these unique goals. As logo designer you should display confidence whenever you need to sell your logo designs to a client, yet be ready to listen to any feedback that the client shares about the business logo design.