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Five Web Design Problems That Will Leave Your Website Red in the Face

What is trending today in the world of web design might not be just as popular in a month or two. So, if you want to keep your visitors happy (and returning to your websites of course), you will need to pay attention to your web design to ensure that it still addresses all the objectives that you have identified.

This does not mean that web designers may only use elements that are currently trending. However, it is key that they learn from mistakes that have been made by other website designers to avoid some of the most common web design issues.

Here are five web design problems that will draw attention for all the wrong reasons and suggestions for how you can solve them.

Poor Navigation

There are in fact certain standards when it comes to navigation that are becoming prominent. If you fail to stick to these standards, your web design will only end up confusing those who visit your website.

Web designers should give thought to what visitors are anticipating when they visit a website. Then, with the help of their mad web design skills they can ensure that the majority of visitors will find it effortless to access the website. At the end of day there is no need for website designers to waste a great deal of effort (and worse yet, time) to design a website’s navigation from scratch when there are standards that already exist and can get the job done. Yes, you can play around a bit here and there, but the navigation should still be user-friendly to the masses.

Too Many Elements That Play Automatically

Whenever your website design has many autoplay features, it can become distasteful. So, to ensure a pleasant user experience make sure that the objectives that you have identified for your website actually support the incorporation of autoplay features.

Wrong Colour Scheme

Your web design should definitely not blind your visitors. You might want to go crazy with colour, but ideally you want to limit your colour choices. Whenever you select a colour, pause and ask yourself whether or not it will make sense. It can be a great tool to help with content hierarchy!

Infinite Scrolling

There is a reason why “the fold” plays such a significant role in web design. No visitor likes to feel as if they have to scroll for what feels like an eternity. As a matter of fact, the further users are required to scroll down, the bigger the chances that they will just hop on over to another website. Needless to say, this is for sure not good for business at all.

Complex Contact Forms

Potential customers will be more likely to fill in your contact form when it is as concise as possible. So, ensure that your contact from is targeted by limiting the number of questions that need to be completed. It is really as simple as that.

There is no denying that best website practices have really changed significantly over the years. So, by simply ensuring that you dodge these five web design errors you are well on your way to creating websites that will attract attention for all the right reasons.

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