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12 Mistakes To Avoid When Registering Domain Names

The first thing that customers or clients see online is the domain name for your business. It is not just a address but an identity, an image, a unique distinguishing feature, and a powerful tool to attract online success.

Don’t have a domain yet? Already have one that doesn’t work well with your business? Or are you still in the planning stages of starting up an online business?

This guide will help you strengthen your brand by sharing the top 12 mistakes to avoid when buying and registering domain names. Let’s get the ball rolling and learn about domain names and the opportunities you can have with choosing the right one.

Only choose a domain name after serious consideration.

A good domain name can have a positive impact on your business. Be careful with choosing your domain name, it can be tempting to use the first thing that comes to your mind or choose from a variety of cheap available domains. Always take domain name registration seriously since it is common to have regrets later on.

Sky’s the limit – think big.

The possibilities are endless whenever you put your heart and mind to it. Every business starts small, but it sure doesn’t mean that you can’t think big. Avoid limiting yourself to a specific niche in your domain name. Think of the future expansion of your business when you buy a domain name, keep it as broad as possible.

Get the best – do not settle for mediocrity.

When you buy a domain name and eventually register that particular domain name, you might feel burdened with the cost. Chin up and aim for the best!  A domain name is just a one-time expense that gives a lasting benefit on the marketing and branding aspects of your business. It can become a big asset.

Be determined, even if your ideal domain name is taken.

You have the ideal business name, but after a domain search, you discovered that it is already taken. What do you do? Will you give up or keep trying? Domain names that are unique or common can be difficult to acquire once it is already registered. Try seeking out the owner and ask to buy it for a reasonable price.

If the domain name is not up for grabs, you should consider an alternative name. Domain name registration can be a setback if you don’t have what you want. Don’t be discouraged. Look at the brighter side. Who knows? The alternative domain name might work better for you!

Remember to check for trademark conflicts before you buy a domain name.

During a domain search and domain check, be careful with trademark issues. The consequence of not doing so can cost your business legal damages. A sure way to avoid being sued is to check the TESS trademark search in your country.

Consider new top level domains – it’s a more than a trend.

In the past few years a new range of top level domains were released into the market place. Domains like .school, .today, .life. Many companies are now use these to great success. Be creative and bold, new businesses using these new domains are leading the wave in this new phase of website addresses.

Only register a domain name that matches the identity of your business.

A tip to all potential business owners out there, buy and register a domain name first before you name your business. The importance of domain registration first is that it can avoid the mistake of getting a domain name that is not related to your business or your brand. You can also avoid future confusion on why your business name does not match with your domain name.

Think about your core SEO keyword.

Some keyword research will go a long way when planning your business and domain naming. See if it makes sense to use one or two keywords that are popular based on your research findings. It can have some benefit on your website’s ranking. However it’s not vital. A strong brand name will hold its own and SEO is achieved with many key influences. But it definitely worth considering your keywords.

Be market-friendly, easy to spell and pronounce.

It can be exciting to cross out everything in your domain name checklist. Domain name search? Check. Business name? Check. Register domain name? Check. Everything is done until you realize that the domain name you have chosen is loaded with complications.

To avoid future regrets, do not choose domain names that are complex. Try to keep it as simple as possible, domain names that are difficult to spell and say aloud become annoying to clients and your team. You might lose traffic and your users may not be able to effectively spread the word out there about your business. Getting third-party feedback before choosing the ultimate one can help in your market research.

Check if your domain name has another translated or alternative meaning.

Domain names give your business an identity. In choosing it, you need to be careful about the image that it portrays. With that said, the words in your domain name can have a foreign meaning when translated to another language or an alternative meaning. Imagine the other meaning of your business name has a negative connotation. A simple search can help you avoid this mistake.

Don’t be boring.

Businesses need promotion. Do not underestimate the power of domain names when it comes to this aspect. Get people’s opinions when it comes to coming up with your domain name. It can be a catchy phrase that will linger on with user or in client’s minds. It can be a memorable tagline related to your business. As long as it’s not boring and dull, it’s a branding opportunity.

Use your own domain name not a sub domain.

An online presence is beneficial for your business. The internet is a limitless pool of opportunities for every business to show its products or services. You want to establish your own online presence. Many people build Facebook pages or use a free hosted website subdomain and gmail or hotmail addresses for business. It will set a good benchmark to launch with your own domain name and branded email address.

Offline business and online business alike have thrived successfully through using the Internet. Those that have established their own website and optimise online marketing are reaping the benefits. With a complete website and a well-thought out, quality and professional domain name, you can confidently go to market and build your brand.

It might be a little tricky to get it right and get over the line with a name, but at the end of the day, having the ideal domain name for your business is worth it.