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What CEOs Get Wrong About Web Development

CEOs do get some things wrong from time to time. There are times when they make the wrong assumptions on certain things like web development. As a web developer, it can be really frustrating if someone gets something wrong about your job. Is it tolerable? Well, most of the time it is.

CEOs have some mistaken beliefs on what web development is all about. It might be because they don’t really know what goes on behind the web developer’s curtain. Here are what CEOs get wrong about web development.

Web development is an easy task.

Just because a website looks simple doesn’t mean that the web development work behind it is simple too. Some clients just can’t resist adding the term “simple” whenever they hire your services. With your experience in web development services, you know that providing a website’s programming foundation is not easy. It sometimes requires gruelling hours, effort, and stressful days to get things into order.

Web development requires everyone’s involvement.

CEOs don’t really need to rally everyone’s support for web development projects. Instead, they can just gather those who are directly involved with the web design and development such as the web developers themselves and the content creators.

Website-related services are cheap.

There is a constant demand for website developers and website designers alike. Some clients who cannot afford to have custom web development services turn to ready-made templates. This lessens their perceived value of custom web development services since there are low cost alternatives everywhere. This may work for a while but in the long run, investing in your own website with a reasonable budget gives better benefits.

Work stops after the website is launched.

This is one common misconception that once a website is built, there is no longer web development work needed. CEOs should always keep in mind that websites are like gears that need maintenance and oiling. Web developers should still be there to oversee the website’s overall performance, security, and functionality, As well as working with the marketing team to ensure the website is generating results.

An enhanced user experience can be provided by anyone.

Once you get to the point where you decide on having your own website for business, take a step back and plan ahead. The coveted ideal user experience does not come easily when you don’t know what you’re trying to do. Get a team from a website development company and let them do their magic. Hire competent staff. Look for web developers with the necessary skills for your website.

It’s perfectly fine to take control of everything.

If you are a CEO and you have a group of talented web developers and web designers working on your website, isn’t it reasonable and wise to let them do their stuff? CEOs tend to fuss over details. However, if you are not a CEO slash web developer or web designer, then you need to relinquish your control. Let the experts in their field do their own job.

Your website will reach its goals and potential once you leave the technical aspects to the tech experts.