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Adelaide – Our Web Development Projects

As a leading Adelaide web development company, we’ve designed and developed websites for all sorts of local Adelaide businesses. Here are some examples of some of our most-loved clients to date.

1. The Marketing Pod 

The Marketing Pod is directed by Fiona McCaul, Adelaide, who has years of experience working in marketing for shopping centres, building commercial portfolios and winning nine marketing excellence awards through the Property Council of Australia.

This web development project used various branding elements throughout to maintain a professional and cohesive look. An example of this is the brands “pod” vector, used in the logo and on some of the websites Call To Action, like in the “contact us” button. There are also sharing links to all major social media platforms.

The header features the tagline “Inspire | Create | Deliver” as a branding element.

2. Snap Surveillance

Snap Surveillance is a local Adelaide business that was established in 2009. The technology and software from Snap surveillance helps to keep protect people, products and assets! The amazing software used in Snap Surveillances products is on the forefront of worldwide technology.

The website design features prominent unique selling points, case studies and demonstration videos to ensure that the user gets all of the information and rich media that they need to enquire.

Due to the highly professional and technologically savvy business that the website design represents, it was important to use clear and clean-cut typefaces and develop a website design based on the branding guides from Snap Surveillance.

3. Harvest the Fleurieu

Harvest the Fleurieu is a Strawberry farm, located outside Adelaide in South Australia. But not only that, the business features a market hall and cafe to bring more delicious treats to their customers. The cafe sells coffee, beer and wine and delicious food platters! The venue boasts “Pick Your Own” season, where customers can pay a small fee to enter and fill up a punnet with their freshly picked strawberries.

On this particular web design, the focus was on getting traffic to the business, so there is a focus on the location in the footer. In addition, various pages were created with the focus on driving interest to visit the property.

4. Tempest Arborist Service

Tempest Arborist Service is a business that provides tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding and more in the Adelaide region. They offer qualified arborists and professional work completed as quoted. They have a high level of insurance and all of their workers are covered.

In this web development project, the three main services that the Tempest Arborist Service provides are separated into categories and presented on cards with read more links, to highlight each. Images of each type of service are included as visuals are absorbed faster than text.

5. Bravo Sails

Bravo Sails is Adelaide’s leading sale loft. The business owners have more than 30 years experience in sailmaking and repairs. They make boat and sail covers, bags, awnings, shades and custom made cruise and race sails. They can make unique designs for any boat. They recently relocated to the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron, which was purpose built for their needs.

As a branding exercise, blue has been used throughout the website along with the bold, red flag-like logo. A clear menu bar across the top of the screen ensures that users can find the products, gallery and testimonials with ease when browsing the website.

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