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8 Great Emerging Web Development Trends

Since its introduction, the Internet has been constantly growing and updating. New ideas, concepts and trends are constantly popping up and essentially success often comes with keeping up with the waves of change rather than only following after. The following are web development trends that are expected to stay relevant and valuable for some time to come, so you better take notice and implement it in your designs.

Better Online Support

Establishing great connections with users and buyers is of utmost importance now. Chatbot applications enable a website owner to host a 24/7 service without having a real 24/7 team to back it up. Automatic chatbots have been improved to directly address user queries and direct them to info sections where they can find what they want.

Progressive And Adaptable Web Applications

A fresh new study has demonstrated that mobile applications amount to an impressive 89% of the total media time users spend when using their mobiles. This is why offering progressive web applications to users now is the way to go. Basically progressive web applications simply refer to web developer applications that look as if they are apps and optimised for smartphones when in reality, they are just plain websites.

Some of the benefits these apps have for the user include: faster loading time, option to work offline, as well as the option to get push alerts. It’s clear why it is very beneficial for both web developers and users.

Push Alerts Within Websites

One of the strongest tools a web app has is push alerts. This technology allows users to receive data/info instantly. It works on both websites and apps where the user opts in to receive push notifications.

One-page Websites

Websites with just one page have started to become a trend. It is essentially one long page which is browsed through scrolling and/or adding links that direct to another part of the page.

One of the greatest benefits of using a single-page website is having a very simple and easy to navigate layout. This web development method also works with mobile devices where scrolling down or up is frequently used to browse a web page.

Static Websites

Static websites are the simplest and most basic forms of web development. Each page of the website is crafted by the web developer using simple HTML coding that shows the same static content for all users.

Again, the greatest strength of this web development tool is a simple layout which loads very fast. Another benefit is that they are ideal for cost-effective projects!

Motion User Interface

Website developers have been involved with motion user interface for quite some time. This adds more activity and life to the website project offering stunning, lively websites.

Quitting Flash

Flash technology was commonly used by many websites for years, but now it is about to fall due to it being incompatible with most mobile devices and taking too much time to load. This is why it is suggested that you replace it with HTML5 instead.

Use Of Photo Material

Great images appearing on a website are important as they can help encourage more conversions. High-quality, creative and unique image styles that tell a story clearly are greatly favoured by users.