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4 Things That Web Developers Can Teach Web Designers

Web designers have a tendency to pay attention mostly to the appearance of a website e.g the colour combos or a nicely organised layout. Even though these things are vital, a website as a whole needs to have something more than just a great appearance.

User experience is a vital aspect to consider when building an efficient website. If you wish to get people to visit and stay on your website, you will have to pay attention to the following website development aspects as well.

Offer Security

Every website visitor needs to feel secure and safe when they interact with your website and willingly give out their private details. You have to make sure that all this sensitive user data stays safe and hidden from unauthorised third parties, hackers and intruders.

Security fears are among the top reasons why many people, especially those from older generations, hesitate to make a purchase via their mobiles. If they have doubts that a platform is safe, they will simply avoid revealing their financial info.

Thus, make sure you have clear signs and a secure user data policy that users can check to validate that their data is in fact safe.

Phase Out The App

Getting a website developer to build a mobile app for you may sound like a smart investment (yes, millions of people use apps), but the sad reality is that based on latest stats 95% of mobile apps get uninstalled within a month. Instead of investing (or wasting) your money and time making an app, opt for a responsive mobile website so that people can easily browse your website while they are on the go.

Don’t Neglect Your Visuals

Even though user experience and functionality should be your focus, your visuals shouldn’t be ignored. It has been proven that 95% of the info absorbed by our minds consist of visuals. Besides adding plain text, including infographics, images, and figures will help get your message across more efficiently. Just make sure you add them to the right places and don’t crowd your space as this will cause your website to load slower and ultimately sabotage your user retention and conversion rates.

Use Video Content Wisely

Up until a few years ago, web developers were hesitant to use video content because of slower Internet speeds. However, now this concern is a thing of the past as in most places worldwide Internet speeds keep on improving.

If you add smart and relevant video content, you can raise your chances of getting higher conversion rates. As a matter of fact, according to one study, 73% of buyers revealed that watching a video helps them to make a purchase. However, that doesn’t mean you should add video just because you are told to do so. Your viewers ideally would want to get some valuable info from your video and not just the typical nonsense found elsewhere. So, always remember: your video should supplement the rest of your content and messages and not replace them.

Since the online web development trends keep on changing, you want to make sure that your website is up to date in all aspects or you’ll not be able to keep up with everyone else that is more progressive. Keep this in mind and your efforts will eventually pay off.